20 amazing facts about the world of business

1)    Today, Amazon sells 158 items per second
2 ) Volkswagen owns Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati and Porsche
3) In 1997, Yahoo rejected an offer to acquire Google for $ 1 million today Google is worth $ 250 billion
4) About 92 % of all pop songs – about sex
5 ) The words “face”, “book”, “wall”, “poke” and “like” registered with Facebook, as brands
6) For every person on Earth Lego company has created more than 50 detalek
7 ) «Gangnam Style» – the first video ever scored a billion views on Youtube
8) British hair stylists using bovine semen as hair conditioner
9 ) McDonald’s in 2010, fired 155 employees just because they were handing out food remains homeless .
10) Steve Jobs was the executive producer of the animated film ” Toy Story ”
11) Facebook about 25 million accounts already dead people
12) In Finland, the penalty for exceeding the speed is determined by annual revenue driver. One day, a man received a $ 200,000 fine
13 ) This year , Thanksgiving was the lowest rating of viewing porn
14 ) Louis Vuitton can not buy a discount . Not sold goods company simply burns
15) Leo Fender guitar maker Fender, never knew how to play the guitar
16) the statistical average worker is productive about 3.5 hours on Monday
17) The money that was spent on Black Friday could feed starving children around the world for years, then 2
18) Bill Gates every second earns $ 250
19) John D. Rockefeller was 4-5 times richer than the current richest man in the world
20) Cube Rubik ‘s best selling product at all times. In second place iPhone


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